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Shree Chitragupt Astro Vastu

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Shree Chitragupt Astro Vastu

Shree Chitragupt Astrovastu provides solutions in Geopathic Stress Management, Vastu, Astrology and healing services. The institute’s chairman Dr. Rajesh Srivastav specializes in Vastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology, and Geopathic stress removal. He is a gold medalist and a life member of the International Astro Foundation. Other areas of his expertise include advance astrological remedies, scientific analysis, aura cleansing and Vedic consulting for plants, offices, and homes. The e-shop features positive energy creating products, numerical energy numbers, gemstones, yantras, energy crystals, and energy pyramids among others. There are many part-time online courses in predictive Indian astrology, Hindu astrology, and Vedic astrology available for students. Dr. Rajesh has many achievements such as Make in India Award, star astrologer award, Indian Achiever award, Indo-Thai Achiever award and the most prestigious Make in India 2017 award.

Chitragupt Astro Vastu also provides training for all their services to those who are interested in progressing in field of astrology.

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