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Raj Dry Clearner

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Raj Dry Clearner

Raj Drycleaners are professional cleaning service providers in Jaipur. They started in 2007 and with over 11 years of experience, they continue to build trust and provide high customer satisfaction. They are known for providing their customers with the sample services before taking orders. Their teams reach the customer’s destination on a single call. The costs are competitive and their services include car dry cleaning, sofa dry cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, deep steam cleaning, rug cleaning, other upholstery goods and chair cleaning. Discounts are given to customers that choose weekly services from them. They have more than 20 branches in Jaipur. They complete all their tasks in a time-bound manner. They have a customer friendly team of about 100 people that provide full time support.


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    Raj Dry Clearner

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